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S. Dolecki and F. Mynard, Modified duality and product theorems for subclasses of sequential spaces. To appear in Mathematica Slovaca. pdf

S. Dolecki and F. Mynard, Sequences freed from order, (10 pages). Submitted. pdf

S. Dolecki, A subsequential filter that cannot be extended to a countable Hausdorff sequential space (preliminary version), 2 pages (17 December 2007). pdf

S. Dolecki and F. Mynard, Inequality approach in topological categories, 29 pages (revised 21 October 2006). pdf

S. Dolecki and J.-P. Penot, The Clarke's tangent cone and limits of tangent cones, 11 pages, Publications du Département de Mathématiques de l'Université de Pau, 1983. pdf